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Whether your goals are $300, $3000, or $30,000 or more, Old Mountain Lanes has a fundraising program just right for your group's needs.

An Old Mountain Lanes Fundraising Program can not only be fun for participants, but also highly beneficial for your organization as well.  The solution to raising money for your organization are endless.  Here are three fun ways to achieve your goal.

(All prices listed are the cost paid to Old Mountain Lanes for bowling and food where applicable.)

1.  The Standard Fundraiser Party:  By far and away our most popular event, great for school groups, sports organizations, and PTA's, the 50/50 party is easy to implement and makes for a smooth event.  You can customize your event to include not just bowling, but food, beverages, and billiards as well.   For each ticket you sell, you keep half the proceeds.  Typical pricing for these events is as follows:

  • Base package includes bowling for two hours with shoe rentals - $10 per person
  • Add cheese pizza and pitchers of soda - For as little as $3.99 per person more
  • Add assorted topping pizzas and pitchers of soda - For as little as $4.99 per person more
  • (One pizza will feed about four people.  Pizza order must be finalized the day before your event.)

2.  Lane purchase:  Your group or organization would purchase lanes for use during a specific amount of time (i.e. two hours).  Lane rentals vary based on time, day and season.  For a two hour lane rental, the typical price is $50 per lane with shoes included (5 people per lane).  Recruit people to contribute a set denomination (let's say $30 per person) and you would raise $20 per person profit. 

  • 1 Hour per lane with shoe rentals - $60 per lane
  • 2 hours per lane with 5 shoe rentals - $50 per lane

3.  Bowlathon / Pledge Bowling:  This is a more involved fundraiser, but you stand to make the most money this way.  Every person who plans on attending would be given a envelope with a pledge sheet attached.  The bowlers should go out and ask friends. family, and co-workers to pledge a certain amount per pin knocked down during the event.  On the day of the event, you would bowl a set number of games and we would mark off the person's envelope.  After the event, the bowler would go out and collect the money that was pledged.

For example, let's say you go out and get 10 people to pledge 10 cents per pin knocked down.  On the day of the event, you knock down 500 pins over three games.  When you went back to collect the money, each pledge would owe $50 and that one bowler would raise over $500 by themselves.  Imagine what 50 people or more could raise!

Prices for this event are based on the number of games you wish to bowl, plus shoes.

  • 2 games with shoe rental - $10.00 per person
  • 3 games with shoe rental - $12.00 per person

Keep Old Mountain Lanes in mind when you need to raise some money for a great cause. We put the FUN in Fun-draising!  Give us a call at 783-5511 or 
click here to start the process of planning your event. 

We have helped these great organizations raise money over the years...


Southern RI Volunteers
Habitat for Humanity
Narragansett High School
Patty's Pushers (American Cancer Society)
World Skin Project
URI Physical Education Dept.
Nancy McCambell (American Cancer Society)


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