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2017-18 Season Rules & Information

  1.  AXS will host 15 regular season events and one Invitational Event for the 2017-18 season.
  2. There will be a number of Stand Alone events throughout the season as well.  These stand alone events do not have any effect on season points, standings or season awards. (turkey Shoot, New Year’s Day Doubles, Kings & Queens, Baker Team, King of the Mountain, and any other crazy tournament ideas I come up with)
  3. All events are open to any USBC sanctioned bowlers.  Sanctioning will be available the day of the event.


Entries & Averages

  1. There is a $10 membership fee.  This membership MUST be paid to participate in any regular season AXS event.
  2. All $10 of this membership fee goes towards end Invitational Event Prize fund and any tournament expenses that may come up.
  3. There is an $8 Sanction fee for all out of State Bowlers.  This fee gets paid to the State USBC for RI, and makes the bowler eligible for all RI USBC Tournaments, Leagues, ect including the 2018 RI Masters Event.
  4. Entry fee is $30 per entry, per person if you PRE-Register online at oldmountainlanesri.com.  It is recommended that you pre-register as some squads may sell out this season.
  5. Entry fee is $35 per entry, per person if you walk-in.  All $5 will go towards the prize fund for the Invitational at the end of the year.
  6. AXS will use re-rated averages this season.  Any Challenge or Sport shot entering average will be re-rated using the appropriate USBC chart.
  7. You will use the highest of your current book, re-rated challenge or sport shot average or last year’s AXS Tournament average as your entering average for this season.
  8. Anyone with a current average of 21 games or more with no book average may provide a standing sheet from their league to use that average as their entering average.  (League must be sanctioned to use this average)
  9. Anyone with no book average and no current average will enter at 200. (scratch)
  10. If your current average is ten pins or higher than your book at the time you enter, you must report that average and use it for entering the event.
  11. After 6 squads, you will receive a tournament average (24 games).  You will then use your tournament average for the remainder of the season regardless of your book average.


Points & Matchplay

  1. Every tournament will earn you points as follows:
  • Entry – 5 points
  • High game for the day (includes qualifying and match play) – 5 points
  • Squad Leader (high qualifier) – 5 points
  • Squad leader (leader of other squad) – 3 points
  • Match play:  17 points = cash but do not qualify for match play

20 points = eliminated round 1

24 points = eliminated round 2

29 points = eliminated round 3

35 points = eliminated round 4

42 points = eliminated round 5

50 points = Winner of an event with 120 entries or less

(points will continue if more than 120 entries; 9 more points for round 7, 10 for round 8, ect)

  1. Match play will be as follows: 
  • Any event with 40 entries or less will be a stepladder format (Top 5)
  • 41-60 entries – Top 8 (no byes)
  • 61-80 entries – Top 12, (squad leaders, plus next two qualifiers receive byes)
  • 81-100 entries – Top 16, (no byes)
  • 101-120 entries – Top 24, 8 byes (squad leaders plus next 6 high qualifiers)
  • Any event over 120 entries will add another four to match play for every twenty entries
  1. Match play will be one match per pair.  Winners will move on to next round.
  2. Warm-up will be five minutes before the first round of match play.  For those bowlers getting byes, they will have a warm-up pair available to them.  In events with byes, there will be 5 minutes in the second round as well.
  3. Each subsequent round will be two balls per lane, per bowler.
  4. In the event someone is not present for match play, the spot will go to the next person on the list.  The alternate will just replace the bowler and all other matches will remain the same.  The bowler not there will foreit prize money and points for the event.
  5. Finals will be streamed live on Facebook and filmed for Youtube.
  6. Squad cut is 1:10 entries guaranteed to match play.  All other will come from the at-large.


Junior Bowlers

  1. Juniors are eligible to bowl as long as they are 15 years of age as of August 1st, 2016
  2. Juniors must complete a Prize Waiver Form for each event they enter
  3. Juniors are not allowed to enter any side pots or brackets



  1. Payouts will vary based on match play, but be no less than 1:3.41 and no more than 1:8 entries
  2. Entry fee breakdown:
  • $9.00 Lineage
  • $2 Tournament Director/fees
  • $1 Invitational Event Prize Fund
  • $18 Prize Fund


All other rules covered by the 2017-18 USBC Playing Rules





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