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Old Mountain Lanes

756 Kingstown Rd
Wakefield, RI 02879 

     Old Mountain Lanes is pleased to announce that we will be offering Kids Bowl Free again this Summer to all local area children!  Kids Bowl Free was started here in 2010, and has helped over 3000 kids enjoy FREE bowling each Summer since.  Every year we add a few hundred more kids to our program.  The program is completely FREE for all local children, and kids can be registered by their parents in a matter of minutes.  Once registered, you will be eligible to come pick up your card at our front desk.  This card will be used every year until the child turns 18 years old, so please don't throw them out.  Here's how to register:

New Bowlers to the program -

  1. Register your child online for the program.  Each child needs a separate registration.
  2. Once registered, you may come in and receive your child's card for use for the Summer.
  3. The card will be pre-loaded with FREE games; one for each day of the Summer from June 22nd - August 31st

Renewing bowlers to the program - 

  1. Register your child online for the program using the card number used last year.
  2. The card number is on the back of the card and will start with 4 zeros.
  3. If you lost your card from last year, we will transfer your card information from last year to a brand new card.
  4. As long as you have placed your card number from last year in the form, you are all set after you hit submit.  We will reload your card back to 65 games for you and see you starting June 22nd.

Thanks for taking part in this program once again!

Just a friendly reminder....once you pick up your cards in person, the registration process will take 24 hours to complete before you can start using your FREE games.

**FREE games not available on Rainy Days**

Kids Bowl Free Sample Card

Information Card

Kids Bowl Free Sign Up

(If you participated in this program in the past, please input the card number from the back of the card excluding the zeroes)